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Hi ! Welcome to Avoca Drive Animal Hospital.
We are a new graduate friendly practice and would welcome applications from both experienced and new/recent graduates for this part time position.
Benefits for You:
• You will be mentored by two kind, caring and very experienced veterinarians (20 years' experience).
• You will join a genuine mission with the goal of doing something to improve the life of animals and people.
• You will have reduced chance of injuries at work due to the nature of our patients.
• You will gain lots of solid surgical experience weekdays, normal hours Monday to Friday.
• Once you have worked with this breed there is no going back. You will be in love, and it will be mutual!
• No shift work, No after hours, some Sat mornings 9am to 12 pm only. Rest of weekends are yours because we are closed and refer patients for emergencies out of hours and on public holidays.
• You will join a genuinely happy high energy positive team and team culture - Come and meet us.
Call us Now.
Clinic on 02 4365 1086 and email resume to
You :
• Absolutely Love people, and all PET interaction because you are an animal and client MAGNET! You just LOVE the joy of connecting animals and people.
• You are an enthusiastic animal welfare advocate and have a passion for rescue work. We are involved in greyhound adoption work.
• You have excellent communication skills, (you love chatting and organising clients) and a mature, professional outlook.
• Have a vet degree, and experience in this field but you want the right practice.
• You love to discuss solutions in a warm, confident, enthusiastic but still professional manner.
• Have excellent attention to detail, and a determination to provide amazing service to your clients and their animals.
• You always follow through with client decision making, and have the necessary skill-set to bring to a successful conclusion. You leave no stone unturned for your beloved animals.
• You are highly optimistic, and a MASSIVE team player.
• You thrive under pressure.
• You are flexible with your working hours. As the animals come first.
• You are good at seeing situations in which all parties win.
• You always see the benefit in things, even in adverse situations.
• You are keen to practice in the best/safest way.
So the role includes:
• Helping to ensure smooth day to day operation of the hospital on greyhound adoption program desexing days. You are happy to give time to adoption days outside your practice work.
• Contributing positively to the goals of the practice with the team. Keep the win-wins flowing!
• A good understanding of small animal practice and quality small animal medicine, with a special interest in greyhounds as pets.
• Our mission is to: ‘Inspire happiness and wellbeing for all in our care, because they depend on us’
• We would love you to join us on this mission and find that special way for you to contribute that will be just right for you.
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Phone: 0243651086
Business Name: Avoca Drive Animal Hospital

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