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Great for 1st Small Animal X-ray Unit!

HF100/30 is a constant potential X-ray utilising the latest high frequency inverter. Non-effective X-ray is decreased by approximately 20% compared with a conventional model.

1. By using HIGH FREQUENCY INVERTER, output is higher than the conventional models and X-ray tube voltage is constant.
2. Compared with conventional two pulse generators more than 2.5 times of exposure is possible under the same condition.
3. kV and mA are corrected and stable by automatic feedback circuit.
4. Focal spot size is 1 - 2 mm only. So quality of X-ray image is almost the same or better then X-ray images taken by a more powerful stationary Xray Unit.
5. HF 100/30 is very easy to carry by hand because of its small size and light weight.
6. HF 100/30 ultra light has incorporated a Class III a laser pointer in the light beam collimator to indicate the central ray during positioning.
7. HF 100/30 ultra light has a backup memory to remember the last kV and timer settings before the unit is turned off.
8. HF 100/30 ultra light has a mAs indicator on the control panel.
9. kV can be set each 2 kV from 40 kV to 100 kV.


1. Rating

1) Power Requirement:
AC, Single Phase
220 - 240 V, 2.5 kVA 50/60 Hz
2) Max. Output:
100 kV, 2.00 sec.
3) Protection against Electrical Shock:
Type B, Class I

2. X-ray Generator

1) X-ray Tube Voltage:
40 - 100 kV (2 kV step)
2) X-ray Tube Current:
20 mA at 82 kV to 100 kV
25 mA at 62 kV to 80 kV
30 mA at 40 kV to 60 kV
3) Timer(s):
0.01 - 2.0 sec. 61 total steps
4) Indicator of Selected Value:
kV, mAs, sec. : Digital
5) Change of Selected Value:
kV, mAs, sec. : Up and Down Switch
6) X-ray Tube:
Toshiba D-124k,
Focal Spot 1.2 mm
7) Total Filtration:
Al. 2.2 mm

For information or to purchase the listed x-ray equipment please contact Belvoir Equine Clinic on 08 9296 6666, if no one is available please leave a message and someone will be in contact.


Phone: 0892966666
Business Name: Belvoir Equine Clinic

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