Veterinarian Positions Perth, Western Australia.
The Baby Bug has blessed us again! So, this opens the door for us to secure another fantastic team member to join our vibrant, collegiate and growing practice group. We have two positions available and always like to meet like-minded veterinarians, so all applications treated with confidentiality and respect. We are a four independent-clinic practice group employing 15 veterinarians across them. Our nursing reception and management team are exceptional, and we are passionate about self-care and professional development. We have very strong relationships with multiple referral centres and yet still undertake high level diagnostics and intervention internally where we can. Pick up the phone, drop in, Skype, Zoom or Facetime us as soon as possible to start the conversation that will be the next step towards a positive career progression. We welcome interstate applicants, though you will need to have a strong application in order to secure entry through our closed borders. Once here though you will appreciate the freedom and prosperity that we are enjoying as a result of the tough political stance.
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