Vet Nurse/Vet Tech - Great Pay, Great Location, Great Work Life Balance

Small country practice with big, devoted clientele (read our reviews)

The position requires high doses of:

Previous Nursing Experience, Genuine Empathy, Competency and ability to confidently make clinical decisions
Full Time position @ $30.00 / Hr. 4 day work week (one weekday off) Saturday shared between 5 nurses.
We are not a corporate! Just a young team of super enthusiastic and talented animal lovers who are living our dream. Our small country clinic in the small town of Pomona (close to Noosa....think beautiful beaches / great surf / restaurants / hiking) is as close to James Herriott as you could get! We are solely small animals but also work with several wildlife rescue groups. We aim to be the best employer in the industry with the highest standard of care, best working conditions and best wages available. We have excellent staff retention, already have the best employees and are looking for one more. i.e: You !

Our clinic started in 2010 opening in a small shop in Pomona's main street. After 5 years we had "outgrown" ourselves and shifted to a grand old bank building which we converted to the surgery we have today. Back then we certainly didn't have the effective tick preventatives we have today and there began a tradition of sleeping next to the cage and doing whatever it needed to pull a patient through. Thankfully we don't see nearly as many tick cases today (or yawning) however the same dedication to the care of our patients remains. We don't expect you to sleep by any cages but we do require someone with the same drive and dedication that in many cases is the difference between a precious family member making it back home or not. We have all the usual gadgets (Digital x ray, The latest in House Blood Machines etc) but it's our attitude to what we do that sets us apart. If an animal needs gets done....whether that means enlisting the help of visiting imaging specialists or referral for complicated spinal surgery. Thankfully we have an excellent clientele that allow us to practice "Best practice medicine" ensuring excellent job satisfaction. When $ preclude treatment we are a clinic that has a big heart and always finds a way to help somehow.

Our nurses/techs come from many different backgrounds and countries. Clem our other vet likes cheese for dessert....she's French. Dora loves travelling and tiny houses ...She's from Poland. Becs' got a "Jet Burner stove" and likes hiking...she's from Canada...The rest of us are born and bred Aussies.

About this Role:

The position is predominantly a "back end" nursing role
Therefore a high degree of competency in preparing for, and carrying out anaesthetics including Endotracheal tube placement and Intravenous catheter placement. You will also be responsible for patient admits, blood sampling and testing and history taking as well as all the other usual veterinary nurse/tech roles.
We are a small team so when


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